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Using Your Head

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Means Getting Your Teeth Into It! 8.30am and a phone call from Tommy Harden in Nashville, telling me all the final drums are sent over to Humph and the last steel guitar track will be there later today. Plenty of tracks flying around and that’s what you get, working with[…]

Sonic Jewels From Nashville

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Take Risks & Get Across The River The music, the parts, they all represent things. Time, places, people, events, feelings, dreams, changes, challenges, experiences, victories, defeats – all captured in a snapshot of sound but echoing with hidden memories of how it all was, is, might be, or even how[…]

Cross Dimensional Synching

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If You Want The Good Stuff To Happen – You Have To Keep Going I remember telling myself that over and again, since ever I can remember. It’s always panned out that way, no matter what or how it feels like in the middle of all the cycles and changes[…]

Grey Meets Lionel Richie In Dubai

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Old Faces, Acquaintances – You Who Thought You Could Rearrange The End That line and phrase is from a Roy Harper album called The Unknown Soldier, it’s got Dave Gilmour on it and Kate Bush pops up on a track. Something made me think of the album today and in[…]

Radio Tewkesbury & Kansas City Radio

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Get Close – Then The Shapes Change Grey Cooper Blues Experience album Big Road, got a heck of airplay from Blues DJ’s here in the UK, across Europe and even two States in America, Kansas & New York. The album was even nominated for a UK Blues award. But this[…]