Sonic Blue Soul – The Steel City Perspective & Drums, Engineering

Grey came to me with demos of the tracks for his album. Most already had solid ideas and structures and we worked from there. He said that it was going to be a blues album but it’s certainly come out as much more than that, I think; modern blues, trad blues and much more besides. The production processes I employed were mostly tried-and-tested but I experimented with a few different drum mic’ing here and there. It was a bit of a challenge for me to find the right grooves on a few of the tracks but Grey’s experience showed me the way to go. There was a lot of post-production, toying with structures and arrangements and layering guitars and vocals. The use of AmpliTube classic album patches have us a wealth of authentic tones to choose from.

I thought the idea of having the album mixed in a couple of different places by different engineers was a novel one and the results speak for themselves! It was an enjoyable and enlightening experience working with Grey and on this type of material.


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