Sonic Blue Soul – The Singapore Perspective & Playing Bass

Dan Hawkins – Bassist

The Singapore Perspective & Playing The Bass

There isn’t a person on the planet who hasn’t been impacted by the alleged pandemic in some way. I managed to find myself moving with my family from London to Singapore in the middle of it which was…interesting. However, being someone who records remotely for musicians, I knew that at least that part of my business would remain unaffected.

Grey’s songs arrived at a great time for me because I needed some creativity, missing live playing as I was (and still am!). In ten plus years of recording online, I’ve never played on anything quite like his blues inspired songs. They represent everything I love in music; from great melody, and playing, to serious groove, and song writing chops.

Playing The Sessions

When I receive great guide tracks and bass lines my job is easy. When Grey more or less tells me ‘just make it sound good’, it’s even more fun as I’m not restricted. This also makes me feel like the artist wants me to play the way I play, something you don’t always get a chance to do as a session player.

I had a blast recording my parts and I really went for it, trying to hang on to the energy and the awesome riffs. Musically, I went a lot by instinct as most of Grey’s tunes have at least some kind of nod to traditional Blues, even though he often takes it to a different place. I’d record around three takes, going from simple to throw-the-kitchen-sink-at-it. When you record online this approach gives the artist or producer options they can work with afterwards.

Grey is one of the most chilled out yet passionate and serious artists I’ve worked for. I can’t wait to hear his masterpiece!

Dan Hawkins

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