Shades Of Grey: Music & July Photos with Ant Naylor

For July I wanted to get into nature and the great thing about working with Ant Naylor is not just that he is a brilliant photographer, but he picks up intuitively on what I’m looking to achieve. Then he just goes about making it happen with the type of ‘old school’ skill set which when aligned with an artistic mind is a very fine thing. It is one of the reasons why I am choosing to do a photo shoot every month, as I look forward so much to working with him! Ant has been taking promo pics of me for last 15 years, mapping out my time in Sheffield as it related to music and art.

The other reason for monthly photo shoots is that I wanted to plan ahead and create a stable platform which in its own small way, mirrored the true essence of the world we see around us. In the natural world, we can be part of an eternal connection which unfolds in regular, beautiful, magical and healing rhythms of development. These are cycles which will nourish, protect and uplift us in our daily lives.

The background music by the way, is the first draft demo of Shining from the 5ifth Dimension album. It is a going to be a guitar album with little or no vocals, interestingly this first demo does not have much guitar yet, but you can hear me mapping out the Bridge and solo section chords.

So, what was I trying to achieve in this photo shoot?

Well, we are being lied to in the controlled media and the global government organisations are trying to eradicate personal liberty and hard-won freedoms which go back hundreds and hundreds of years.

Nature does not lie; it is an indivisible source of truth and beauty. I wished to juxtapose that against the miserable mind and social control mechanisms being so woefully accepted by decent citizens; it seems.

The piece by piece erosion of our freedoms is happening everywhere we look. This is not a ‘conspiracy theory’, for these are facts and backed up by empirical observation and free thinkers from science and every other realm. These ‘dissenting’ views are censored by the controlled puppet social media platforms. The free (correct thought) becomes ignored or subverted by controlled propaganda within the aligned news and information outlets. That is advertising, TV, press.

The repulsive laws on wearing masks are the visible and ugly tip of a poisonous iceberg. I refuse to wear one. I will never, ever wear a mask–no matter what the cost.

If your eyes and mind are not sewn tightly shut by the propaganda which depressingly pervades every area of society and its administration, you can gradually free your perception and wider awareness. It is difficult, but it is possible and we can win this battle.

We owe the fight not just to ourselves and our children, but to our ancestors whose spirit whistles through every breeze. And whose blood, sweat and tears fortify every blade of grass and each leaf on every tree.

Being in the beauty of nature enables your mind and Soul to commune with and enjoy the freedom which you own, it is your true birthright.

Libertatem positum in virtute

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