July Free Thought Update

My total desertion of the corrupt news and information media pays rich dividends. We can find satisfaction in the true cycles and patterns within our natural world? 

The days of listening to overpaid mouthpieces on the TV news or reading depressing, untrue and often vile propaganda from puppets in the press should be happily gone for everyone. The world would improve overnight. 

When it first arose, the media was a solution. Now it is the problem. Not so much perhaps the actual mechanisms of mass media, but the cynical and unpleasant people who control it on a worldwide level. Along with the dimwit puppets, dead eyed actors and mouthpieces, they pay to apply it.

Much better for decent citizens and family people to find news and uplifting insights in the patterns of nature all around us. For in a world starved of truth, the changing seasons and sacred cycles show us a world which cannot lie. Veritas invenitur in natura!

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