Boogaloo July Guitar Update

I have been doing some more playing recently, a bit like the geese have started honking a tad more as they fly overhead. Looking at arpeggios for chords that have always grabbed my attention, like 11 chords. A interesting chord to my ears and I particularly like the sound and harmonic effect it creates. Which is just as well, of course.  Moreover, I have incorporated some progressions featuring 11 chords into the ‘5th Dimension’ album soon to arrive.

On the consideration list also, are jazz 2,5,1 progression using different voicings up and down the fretboard, but in the same key. Plus, I have been studying the lush guitar chops of Cornell Dupree in the track Rainy Night In Georgia. I did not realise it just by listening, but I knew everything he does within the song. It is amazing how much I learnt in my early days but have never fully externalised. However, a well-stocked store of chops will ultimately bring joy to the Quartermaster!  



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