Modern Man Blues cost me many moons of staying power. It cost me a sky and ocean full of living breathing vibes. But I ended up with a great Blues album – which specifically captures four years of my life and in the abstract, captures everything I have ever done or been. It is also a truly global album featuring incredible international musical talent and is cleaved out of an authentic reality that I had to experience in real time, not just dream about. I know this album is good enough to hang out there with anyone in the world.


‘Well now, there is nothing like the blues to set you free’

I went down to the crossroads
Fell down on my knees
Down to the crossroads
Fell down on my knees
Called the Cunjah Man to help me
Hoodoo won’t you please

Check out the blog and other regular updates over the next moons, bit by bit I will be filling out the story of Electric Man Sessions 2020 from start to never end!

There will be videos/interviews with me and other cool cats who have helped or are helping this job along in both playing and production terms, plus my perceptions on how it all really is and how it all really was.

The Electric Man Sessions will be a cool tale which unfurls in pictures, sounds, colour and music.

Stay with it, won’t you?

I hope you will stay with it, just like I have done. Stayed with it from a foot tapping four year old listening to pop records, to hovels in the bad part of town, to some Uptown high rolling and all points in between.

When I called The Cunjah Man down to help me, this whole album is what the Cunjah Man came back with
‘Boogaloo’ Grey Cooper