Sonic Blue Soul – The New York Perspective & Audio Visual Art

Mojo Satch – The Audio-Visual Art & New York Perspective

It has been great working with Grey on his promotional videos for both the awesome Modern Man Blues album and this great new set of music he has put together.

We first came in contact through a freelancing website and seemed to click instantly and work seamlessly together.

We even had related interests in the music industry, with Grey of course being an established artist and myself being an underground producer and remixer for various Soulful House Music labels.

After the working on the first project for Grey, I instantly understood what he would require for each project from understanding his original and eclectic style.

We have now collaborated on over twenty video projects since, and it has been a great journey.

Even though we are into distinctive styles of music, I could tell from the start that Greys music and production levels were outstanding and of course he is an impressive guy to work for!

Mojo Satch

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