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Sonic Blue Soul – The Steel City Perspective & Drums, Engineering

Grey came to me with demos of the tracks for his album. Most already had solid ideas and structures and we worked from there. He said that it was going to be a blues album but it’s certainly come out as much more than that, I think; modern blues, trad blues and much more besides. […]

Sonic Blue Soul – The New York Perspective & Audio Visual Art

Mojo Satch – The Audio-Visual Art & New York Perspective It has been great working with Grey on his promotional videos for both the awesome Modern Man Blues album and this great new set of music he has put together. We first came in contact through a freelancing website and seemed to click instantly and […]

Sonic Blue Soul – The Singapore Perspective & Playing Bass

Dan Hawkins – Bassist The Singapore Perspective & Playing The Bass There isn’t a person on the planet who hasn’t been impacted by the alleged pandemic in some way. I managed to find myself moving with my family from London to Singapore in the middle of it which was…interesting. However, being someone who records remotely […]

Sonic Blue Soul – The Berlin Perspective & Executive Production

I have been recording other people’s musical output for 40 years or more, and never felt tied to or defined by one genre or the other. “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”, one might say. Conversely, it is just possible that my enthusiasm for, and experience in all types of music, particularly in recorded […]

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