Boogaloo Live Music Update

Boogaloo Live Music Update

My strategy is to complete the three albums within The Electric Man Sessions and in so doing, plant seeds which will fruit into a nucleus of musicians for live work next year. I am going to keep a really organic feel for this work and that will mean solving the ‘groove’ issue. Solving the groove issue will mean organising live bass and drums for the recording sessions.

The fact is, that absolutely nothing has been hit as hard as ‘performing arts’ by the lockdown fraud and no one knows enough about what might or might not happen to look at logistics for anything. As depressing as that is for artists and performers who use the live realm on a daily basis, it at least fits snugly into my own time frame for renewing live performance and setting down new trends for a new era – trends which I intend to establish, for a very long time indeed! 


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