Boogaloo Live Music Update

“My next 3 albums are in varying degrees of demo stage and they are each rapidly advancing. Album and track titles are all in place. 29 new songs currently being developed and brought home. When the mind and social controllers behind the ‘lockdown’ fraud said ‘stop and obey’, that is when I decided to think for myself and really get moving. Stealthy use of Self, vision, intentions, people and resources often means you can overcome the odds. One thing I hope can be gripped by those who are proper radicals and not the bought and paid for mouthpieces you see making an exhibition of themselves in the puppet mass media, is that anyone who is interested in art, freedom and liberty should not allow live music to be a thing of the past. Whatever happens, I am fully committed and working toward doing whatever it takes to ensure I am part of the resistance. Live music just might become the ultimate last stand for anyone who values free thought, free expression and the right to assemble with or be close to friends and strangers alike. Just remember, whatever you do and whenever you start, people are the glue – don’t let them break it apart.” Boogaloo Grey Cooper

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