Boogaloo Guitar Update


My last live outing was a few Moons ago now. The ‘live’ scene doesn’t look very live at the moment. Ironically, I’m feeling more like a guitarist, singer and songwriter than I ever have. Musically busier, more ideas and with a dedication that only comes from total commitment. Time has a habit of collapsing when you take charge of it. Then for just a moment or sometimes more, you can reshape it into what you truly want. The past finds settlement, the future gets direction and the present falls into place. That’s the key to it all, deciding what it is you actually seek in this hunt. For the ability to think for yourself, to decide and choose what you go after, these are exactly the things the mass news and information media want to strip you of. The current powers at large in society want to control your thought and reduce your ability to live freely and express yourself. Live music and the guitarist, singer, songwriter just might be the artistic fulcrum and nexus of change that they used to be. Hallelujah. As the song goes ‘I’ll be there’.

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