Sonic Jewels From Nashville

Take Risks & Get Across The River

The music, the parts, they all represent things. Time, places, people, events, feelings, dreams, changes, challenges, experiences, victories, defeats – all captured in a snapshot of sound but echoing with hidden memories of how it all was, is, might be, or even how it all will be.

No one wants to hold on to everything, but if you let go of too much, then nothing is left.

Dan Dugmore who is a hot Tennessee session player working out of Nashville, is going to play Steel & Lap Guitar on Modern Man Blues. It is sensational!

I can picture each version dripping with sonic jewels, making the music shimmer and gleam. I’m going to look forward to working that band and getting these tracks down!

Everyone said it can’t be done ‘Nah, you can’t have steel guitar and lap steel on this type of music’.

But I know where the roots of this music really are and boy, has Dan played some cool stuff in the initial demos.

This has just woken me up big time, it’s a new sound in the making and I want it on all the tracks.

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