Cross Dimensional Synching

If You Want The Good Stuff To Happen – You Have To Keep Going

I remember telling myself that over and again, since ever I can remember. It’s always panned out that way, no matter what or how it feels like in the middle of all the cycles and changes of things – anyone that is working a plan, that has long held goals, ambitions, drive, objectives to achieve, things they believe in, hero’s who inspire – they have to keep going.

Even when you feel like giving up, that is ok ‘I feel like giving up’. But it passes, let it go and what happens? you find out that the idea of really giving up was the prelude to some kind of beneficial change IF you are working a plan, of things to achieve.

It’s like building a band, why would anyone do that? It’s a good question and I will come back to it in the next post.

So ringing through the changes is all about ‘keeping going’ and if you want to synch up your cross dimensional reality sets (which is what manifesting goals and visions is all about) then, you cannot stop.

Fortunately, I always had a plan and those plans always seemed to come together, but would this one do so?

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