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Get Close – Then The Shapes Change

Grey Cooper Blues Experience album Big Road, got a heck of airplay from Blues DJ’s here in the UK, across Europe and even two States in America, Kansas & New York. The album was even nominated for a UK Blues award. But this bag, Modern Man Blues, it was going to be Bluesier and it was going to reflect much more of all the chops and lessons I had learned. It would be pure. I needed to get that album back, so armed with a plan I attempted to get the album files from the remaining band and they weren’t liking that. Then I got a lawyer involved and £560 later the other musicians capitulated, handing my album files over.

This was a pattern that began to reappear, me paying out lumps of cash because people either didn’t do their jobs right or they were strangely impelled to try and stop the progress of this album project.  But here is the thing, I paid my dues in a lifetime of building Blues bands, always writing new material, always recording and creating – maybe not getting that far, but surviving and always creating – the Blues Gods loved that and they were on my side.  Therefore, it became impossible for anyone to wreck the project.

The Blues Gods were on my side and I hoped they would have some surprises waiting for me.

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